Scenic American Photos
West Coast: California coast to Seattle August 2014
Kara and Brad's Key West Wedding November 3, 2013
Kara and Brad's Key West Wedding November 3rd
Paris in July & August 2013
Paris in July & August 2013
Photos on display ast Arts Day Sunday, June 9
Civil War battle site photos on display June 9
Photos of Abraham Lincoln's SPRINGFIELD, Illinois
Madison photos at the DRIP in December 2012- for sale
Madison's Bottle Hill Day 2012
Germany in August 2012
Washington, D.C In early July 2012
Latest Spring 2012 Photos
Western Canada August 2011
Montana, the Dakotas & Wyoming July 2011
Chicago in June 2011
Paul Mueller's Photos on Display During Madison Arts Council in June
Recent High Dynamic Range Photos
IRELAND Summer 2010
England, Scotland & Ireland July 2010 thanks to NEH Grant studying the Industrial Revolution
United Kingdom II Summer 2010
New HDR Photos: High Dynamic Range
Fall in MAINE October 2009
Batimore, Antietam & Gettysburg in August 2009
TEXAS in April 2009
MEXICO March 2009
Mexico Part II
California in August 2008
NAVAJO COUNTRY in Arizona & Utah March 2008 Part 1
Navajo Country Part 2
South Beach & Florida Keys Christmas Week 2007
Key West Butterflies
Maui & Kauai in August 2007
Washington D.C. July 2007
Civil War battlefields
LOUISVILLE in June 2007
Madison Memorial Day Parade 2007
La Jolla, Joshua Tree & Palm Springs in April 2007
Death Valley in March 2007
Town of Madison, New Jersey
Rocky Mountain National Park July 2006
Austin, Texas & the LBJ Ranch
Women's Rights & Voting Seminar in WYOMING Page 1
Wyoming Part 2
NEH Landmarks Seminar at St. Augustine July 2-8, 2006: 1
St. Augustine: 2
Art Deco Architecture at South Beach: An NEH Landmark Seminar
Charleston, Magnolia & Cyrpus Gardens, South Carolina: Part 1
Charleston, Magnolia & Cyprus Gardens Part 2
Florida's South Beach & Key West in December
Florida: 2
Washington State, Idaho & Oregon August 2005
NEH Landmark Seminar at Mt. Vernon
Cherokee Culture at Tahlequath, Oklahoma NEH WORKSHOP Page 1
N.E.H. Cherokee Culture Page 2
Kentucky in April
Civil Rights Sites in Alabama
Andrew Jackson's HERMITAGE
Antelope Canyon, Arizona

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Hi, I'm Paul Mueller, a high school history teacher in Madison, New Jersey.  My second passion, besides teaching history and psychology, is photography.  I have traveled extensively throughout the U.S. to capture its beauty on film  and in digital. I have also participated in a number of Popular Photography Magazine's Mentor Series photo trips to national parks and scenic American places. Additionally, I have participated in numerous National Endowment for the Humanities summer seminars and institutes. I have posted some of the photos I took while studying history at these historic sites.
Hope you enjoy.

Sierra Mountains from Panorama Pt. in Suquoia
At sunrise in August 2009

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!
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